5 Things Every Guy Thinks About When Getting a Haircut

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The barber shop can sometimes be an uncomfortable place, and while we all like to think we know exactly what we want when we walk in, these 5 scenarios are bound to arise at least once in your trip to the barber shop.



1: Barber: "Do you like it?"

Me: Yes, thank you!

Me: Goes home and cries

Okay, maybe not the go home and cry part. If you’re doing that, you have bigger problems than your haircut.


2: Barber:  “So What are We Doing Today”

How does one answer this question?

Me: “Same thing but with less hair”

Me: “Same kind of shape…just less though”

Is there an appropriate answer? Telling your barber what type of haircut you want can be tough. Let us know in the comments what you say.


3: Barber: "Hey, keep your head up! No don't move your head..you're tilting it"

At this point you turn into a robot and can only move on command for the next 30 minutes.


4: Me: “Does the barber genuinely want to talk to me or does he think I want to talk?”

A classic debate...


5: Me: "My nose is itchy…should I itch it? Maybe I’ll just wait…."

And of course if you  move your hands all of the hair falls on the floor off the apron


Which classic barbershop moments did we miss? Let us know in the comments below! Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for everything men's grooming!



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