Over 5,000 people voted for the Wildest Beard on the Internet...You Won't Believe Some of The Entries

Posted by Rocky Mountain Barber on

The funny thing with these contests is sometimes the craziest and wildest beards gets overlooked.

Here's a look at some honorable mentions before we look at our winner!

Bad Ass Pipe Guys

These two only had 20 and 27 votes respectively, but you have to give it to them for their epic smoking pipes....respect brothers. 

 Tarantula Beard 

Is that even a tarantula? I have no idea. Regardless, that takes some serious cojones. Respect.


Halloween Dad Beard

Shout out to all the Dads out there rocking beards on Halloween as part of their costume


Spikey Beard

Only 2 votes? C'mon internet.


Frozen Beards

Winter is coming to an end, but these fellas managed to get a nice thick layer of ice on there before the end of the season. Happy thawing this Spring!

And the winner is....

Darrel is the lucky recipient of the Rocky Mountain Barber prize pack which includes $100 worth of grooming essentials. Darrel  had 1287 people vote for him, good enough to beat the next runner up by just over 200 votes!


Take a look at the runners up this year. These guys definitely deserve some love too!

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