3 Hairstyles That Will Disappear in 2017

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It’s no secret that trends come and go, and hairstyles are no exception. There has been an explosion of new hairstyles in the past couple years. But not all of them will last. Our analysis of past trends show that the more extreme hairstyles tend to reach massive popularity quickly, and tend to lose that popularity just as fast. At the same time, classics sneak into popularity only to slowly fade away.

There are three hair styles in particular that are at the top now but whose popularity is in danger. Which three? The undercut, the man bun, and the combover. One combines a classic look with a new twist, one is all new, and one is straight old school. All of them, however, are going to disappear in 2017.

The Undercut

What it is: Shaved sides, long on top. Think Macklemore.

Photo credit: Jezebel.com

Why it will disappear: The Undercut is not new, but the version made popular by Macklemore and other celebrities is a new spin on an old classic. Why? The Macklemore Undercut has longer hair on top than the traditional undercut. It’s going to disappear in 2017 for the simple reason that it has run its course. It’s time for the Undercut to go. Macklemore and others helped it grow in 2013 and 2014, and by 2017 it will be old news.

The Man Bun

What it is: Long hair drawn into a small bun on top or back of the head.


Photo credit: Hollywood.com

Why it will disappear: The Man Bun, which is typically smaller than a normal woman’s bun and tied into a knot on top of the head, has received a lot of heat. Some swear by it, some think it’s silly, and some haters have gone so far as to chop off unsuspecting Man Buns. It will disappear because it’s been one of the most controversial hairstyles of the past two years. If you get a man bun now, it’s too late, and current wearers are soon to move on to the next big thing.

The Combover

What it is: Short on the sides, medium length on top, styled and combed to the side.


Photo Cred: ChilliMilli.com

Why it will disappear: The Combover is a classic of the Baby Boomer generation, and it has seen a resurgence in the last three years… one that will soon come to an end. The Combover is the clean man’s look. It conveys a certain put-togetherness that contrasts with the likes of the Man Bun. But like the Man Bun, it is so popular now that by 2017 the clean man will find a new, different way to stay styled.

All of these styles are big right now. Some, like the Combover, are more subtle than others and so don’t get as much attention. Others, like the Man Bun, receive so much attention that if one walks into a crowded room, someone is bound to tap their friend on the shoulder and make a comment under their breath. But hairstyles come and go. 2017 will see a rotation of men’s hairstyles, and these three are due to go.

What do you think? Will the Undercut, Man Bun, and Combover outlive our predictions? What will replace these present-day staples?

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