Your Grandpa Probably Used A Safety Razor: Here's Why

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Imagine your gramps in his glory days. Before going out in his dandy finest, he’d never leave the house without his favorite things: penny loafers, a fedora hat and most of all, his trusted grooming tool: the safety razor. 

A safety razor is a shaving instrument with a protective guard placed between the side of the blade and the skin. Its design evolved from the straight razor, a five-inch shaving blade that folds into its handle— also known as a cut-throat razor. And it’s no surprise why. Anyone who’s ever watched Johnny Depp playing Sweeney Todd (the Demon Barber of Fleet Street) knows that straight razors can be deadly (but only in the hands of a psychopath). 

So how did these cut-throat beauties evolve into the modern razors we use today? Read on to discover the origins of grandpa’s safety razor and why guys should continue this tradition. 

It’s easier

Back in the mid 1900’s, safety razors were invented, completely changing the way men groomed.  

Before then, everybody assumed that shaving could only be done by professionals. This meant that every time your grandpa’s beard got long and scraggly, he had to travel to a barbershop, wait for his turn, and go through a whole drawn-out process: scalp massage, nail filing, eyebrow trimming, some cologne— and on it goes. 

You can appreciate the level of convenience introduced by the safety razor. Men could finally shave in the comfort of home.

It’s cost-effective

For your grandpa, owning your own razor was kinda like owning a color TV. Although they both required that initial investment, they eventually saved you big bucks. Just as you’d no longer have to buy theater tickets every time you wanted to see a movie in color, you'd save on barbershop fees by shaving at home as often as you pleased. 

A safety razor is built to last. Depending on how well you care for the guard, keeping it free from bacteria and rust, the razor can stay with you for years. But unfortunately, in today’s age, a lot of dudes aren’t as passionate about investing in a long-term relationship with their razor. Combined with a shaving kit, including a pre-shave oil, cream and aftershave, a safety razor is not only a worthwhile investment but is a critical component to a complete shaving routine.  

They’re better for the environment

You don’t have to be a green freak to care about the planet. It’s worth mentioning that straight razors are great for the environment. It doesn’t leave garbage or toxic chemicals behind.

So you can see how safety razors are an eco-smart move. 

Don’t be a wasteful consumer-- be like your grandpa and shave like a winner.

It gives a better shave

Like all great inventions, the classic safety razor went through dozens of tweaks and improvements before becoming the standard version. 

The double-edged model is the most popular, known for giving a close shave. With two blades on one side, you get a lot more control. While a single blade razor also keeps your face smoother and softer, the added benefit quickly and easily switching which side of the blade you use is lost.

But quality shave isn’t just about the blade; it’s the whole routine: the preparation, the patience and the products. Like good ol’ gramps would do, you need to be using premium shaving products like a pre-shave oil and a rich-lather shaving cream. When you invest in the whole package, that’s when you truly get the closest, smoothest shave.

It’s a man’s ritual 

Using a safety razor keeps you walking in grandpa’s footsteps. For the past century, learning to shave with a safety razor has been a man’s heritage. It’s a lesson that gets passed down through the generations, usually from father to son. 

It’s one of those epic moments, much like in Lion King when Mufasa tells Simba, “One day, my son, all this will be yours”, but imagine instead he’s talking about his mane and giving Simba a razor. 

These father-son traditions are priceless.  We’re talking about bringing back a time where shaving wasn’t necessarily a chore; it was a man’s pride. 

It’s personalized 

In your grandpa’s day, shaving was a customized experience. 

They were made-to-order, available in multiple designs, packaging options, colour combinations and case styles. Some men even got the handles engraved. Basically, every aspect of the straight razor’s construction kept the customer in mind. It put the love and pride into grooming. 

Today, you can still get this personalized shaving experience. Safety razors come in finishes like chrome, nickel and gold (if you’re really willing to splurge), as well as other special customizations. 

Although these beauties are designed to a tee, they're not a light investment. So, what if you want the same quality standards but without the inflated price? Well, for starters, don’t look for safety razors that are plated in gold. Next, don’t always go for the most obvious, powerhouse brand. And finally, always look for vintage trimmings. Some things should never change.


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