How Often Guys Should Shave Their Face

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Don’t have a shave routine? For guys who can’t get a handle on their 5 O’Clock shadow, you’ll need some basic rules. Especially if you’re among the rare few who, at the stroke of midnight turn into a grizzly porcupine, you should have a strict shave schedule. So for those asking, “how often should I shave?”, let’s review the protocols.

Here’s how often you should shave.

A guy’s shaving routine

Your shave schedule depends on the look you’re after. Whether you’d like to maintain a slight stubble or a clean, baby face finish, there are different shaving frequencies to follow.

When you’re sticking to stubble

If you prefer keeping a little stubble, you should be shaving more often, usually every 2-3 days.

This routine lets you maintain some scruff, while still being clean enough for a formal business workplace.

By the third or second day in your shave schedule, contingent on how fast your hair grows, you might be unhappy with your beard status. For this reason, you might need to shave more frequently than every 2-3 days. Instead, shaving everyday might be necessary for maintaining your stubble.

Your shaving frequency will depend on factors like hair color and other genetic aspects. We’ll discuss these variables later on.

The clean-shaven look

For a hair-free face, you’ll need to shave every first or second day. Based on average hair growth patterns, this shaving schedule will usually keep a clean-shaven look.

However, as mentioned earlier, this frequency might change depending on your genetics and other factors. So, unlike the average case, it’s possible that you’ll need to shave everyday just to maintain a clean-shaven face. Let’s review this case in more detail.

Other factors affecting your shave schedule

Hair color

Dark-haired guys need to shave more often than light-haired guys. Since dark hairs are more visible, the 5 O’Clock shadow will visit more quickly. With light hair, on the other hand, it may take a couple days for your growth to become obvious. Guys who’re blonde, auburn or ash brown, with slow hair growth patterns, might need three days for their shadow to set.

Among the many other factors affecting your hair growth patterns are Hormones & Diet. 


There’s a reason why testosterone-filled guys have a rep for being hairy beasts. When guys have higher levels of testosterone, their hair grows quicker and thicker.

Here’s how it works: testosterone is converted to a stronger hormone called DHT (also known as the sex hormone). The more DHT you’ve got, the more potent your beard-growing potential-- AND---the more potent your sex drive. Nice.

With more DHT in your reproductive system, you might have to shave everyday to maintain a clean look, and every second day to maintain your stubble. But, with average DHT levels, you can stick to the standard shave schedule based on average hair growth patterns.

And for those who’ve got less testosterone, your hair growth is slower, so add 1-2 days to the standard shave schedule. You don’t need to shave as often.

Your Diet

Do you eat your fruits and veggies? Your diet also affects your hair growth, according to Healthline.

A diet lacking in nutrients can lead to slower growth, whereas a healthy diet leads to faster growth. So, if you’re a healthy guy, you might need to shave more often. And if you’re not only healthy, but you also happen to have a genetic code for extreme hairiness, plus lots of testosterone, you’re probably among those rare few who must shave everyday.

The downside of shaving too often

Word to the wise, guys who shave often need extra face care. You’re at a higher risk of stressing out your skin because you’re shedding off dead skin cells more frequently. This routine can cause a slew of problems such as skin dryness, irritation and redness.

But fortunately, you can prevent these issues and still shave often. With a proper care routine that includes a pre-shave oil and hydrating shave cream, you’ll help soften your coarse facial hair to prepare your face for a smooth, comfortable glide. You’ll have less irritation from razor burn, giving you the best results without the drawbacks.

Not all shave habits are treated equally. Depending on your health and genetics, as well as the type of beard you’re maintaining, every guy has his own unique set of rules. So pay attention to your needs when determining how often to shave. And if your shave schedule seems a bit needy, you can always join a shave club to organize your program.

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