These Submissions For "Best Mustache on the Internet" Are Even More Incredible Than Last Year

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#7 - Davy Crockett Mustache

He can skin a goat, guzzle a beer and still have time leftover to groom like a champ. If Davy Crockett had a stache, this would be it. Vote for him here.

Davey Crocket Beard

#6 - Jolly Good Time Mustache

This guy knows how to have a jolly good time. His heap of bushy goodness flows into two single-haired points. Plus, his fuchsia mohawk and bow tie is hilarious. Vote for him here.

Pink Hair Mustache

#5 - Musical Mustache

Beethoven's got nothing on this masterpiece! This fella’s musical mustache notes inspire us to take some notes. Bravo, keep doing your thing! Vote for him here.

#4 - Anti-gravity Mustache

The laws of gravity don't apply here. This mustache’s sea-parting greatness is pure glory to behold. Vote for him here.Best-Mustache

#3 - Patriot Mustache

Grab your whisky and make some whiskers. On the frontlines of awesomeness, this guy puts the patriotism in Mo Bro-ing. Hats off to him! Vote for him here. 


#2 - Mystery Mustache

Free and wild, yet somehow magically maintained, this logic-defying mustache does it all! What’s his secret? It’s a mystery…Vote for him here. 

Mystery Mustache

# 1 - Cowboy Stache

It’s a rootin tootin hell of a stache.  Full of grit and gusto, it’s what being a Mo Bro is all about. Help him lasso some more votes! Vote for him here.


So far, we’ve received over 2,500+ votes and 50+ Submissions. Feeling inspired yet?

Show your Mo Bro patriotism and vote for your favourite stache. You’ll be joining the ranks of bros supporting bros for the cause.  From distinguished vintage style mustaches to wild scraggly ones, there’s heaps of testosterone-filled growth to get us hyped for voting.
And if you’re feeling inspired, go grab some beard balm and experiment more with your mustache and beard - it’s an art, after all. Have fun with it, but most importantly, support the cause.
Interested in entering? Read the full contest details here.

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