Simple Tips to Reduce Signs of Aging for Men

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We’re not getting any younger. At some point in our lives, usually around our early thirties, the stress of our late-night toils and greasy food binges start to take its toll-- health karma, perhaps? In any case, we don’t want to pay our dues. The fine lines, pale skin and under-eye bags are just a few signs of aging we want to ditch. So whether you've been trying (and failing) to achieve a younger look or have been Charlie-Sheening your way into oblivion, here are some proven tips to reduce signs of aging for men.

Drink Water

You’ve heard it all before, and for good reason. By getting your daily dose of H2O (6-8 glasses per day), you’re nourishing and hydrating your entire body, helping to minimize signs of aging.

When you don't drink water, your skin gets dehydrated, leading to dark circles (AKA racoon eyes), dry skin and bloodshot peepers-- not your handsomest look. For this reason, you should be continuously drinking water to keep your skin fresh all day long.

Moisturize twice daily

Dry skin equals wrinkles, along with patchy skin and visible pores.

To keep your skin smooth and soft, use a moisturizer twice daily-- once in the morning and once at night. Why? Well, in the morning, you’re keeping your skin moist through the day, protecting it from the aging effects of the wind and sun. Then, at night, you’re letting your skin repair and heal while you sleep.

Eat like a (healthy) champ

Eating greens keeps you virile and a healthy serving of fruits and veggies offer youth-boosting antioxidants to help invigorate your body and keep that blood flowing for a healthy complexion.

What’s more, a diet with lots of leafy greens will help your body detox. Yes, that’s right, detox -- you know, that elusive cleansing process everyone talks about but rarely understands?  Anyways, your body is basically eliminating chemicals and impurities so you can look and feel fresh. Frequent detoxing is one of the best tips to reduce signs of aging for men.

Get your he-man beauty sleep

Beauty sleep isn’t just for the ladies. By getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep each day, your body works to restore itself by processing vitamins and strengthening its immunity. In turn, when you’re kind to your body on the inside, it repays you on the outside. A well-rested man is a younger-looking man

Stop having those “WTH” moments when you gaze into the mirror and wonder where the years have gone. With these simple tips to reduce signs of aging for men, you’ll delay the process to preserve your awesomeness for as long as possible.

Stay groomed and glorious, guys!

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