Does Shampoo Damage My Hair?

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If you even have to ask, you know it’s bad. Yet, we’re brainwashed by those shampoo commercials, always glorifying some chiseled goodlooking dude, fresh out of the shower, admiring his shiny Hercules hair. Geeze! And then there’s that ritual, the look-at-me hand sweep he does along his scalp— an oversell of his flake-free finish. News flash, gentleman, this guy’s born with epic hair. Let’s put this media charade to rest and learn why shampoo can actually be damaging for your hair.

Most sham-poo is a sham

Cleaning all the gunk from your scalp is no easy feat. That’s why most standard shampoos are hijacked with heavy-duty cleansing agents to remove sweat, dead skin, mystery fluff and other yuckies. On the downside, its intense formula is the main reason why shampoo damages your hair.

Regular shampoos contain destructive chemicals like sulfates and parabens. And just like any seemingly good thing, like that adorable snow bunny taking selfies in the chalet, there’s a bad side. But this one’s not that hot kind.

How are shampoo chemicals damaging?

Let’s start with sulfates. On a positive-ish note, they loosen the grease and sebum from your hair, but at a cost-- ironically, your hair.  Sulfates deplete your hair’s moisture to the point of over-drying, leading to scalp irritation, dullness and dandruff: the horrible hair trinity.

As for parabens, you’re just gambling with your health. Parabens act as a preservative in shampoo, and in case you haven’t caught up on your Men’s Health, you should be aware that parabens disrupt your hormones and gut. Meaning? Well, down the line, you seriously increase your risk of cancer, aging and even a decreased sperm count! Yup.

Go nude and natural

Bare and essential, a natural shampoo let’s your strip down to a more honest level with your hair care. Ready for things to get intimate?

Natural shampoos use a high quality, natural formula (no parabens and sulfates), so your skin isn’t left dry and rough. Since these raw ingredients are obtained from pure essential oils and root-derived colors, your skin feels refreshed and awake.

It’s purity at its finest. And it ranks highly among nature’s other zen moments, like hiking in a winter wonderland or that alone-on-a-hill type of serenity … but with good hair!

Now you know that, yes, shampoo can damage your hair. Yet, with a natural shampoo alternative, there’s no dangerous gimmicks, no legends of over-hyped hair — just real, natural goodness.

Stay groomed and glorious, guys!  

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