Why is My Hair Oily?

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We’ve all got hair goals. Many of us aim for the luxury of that too-cool swept-back look, while others just want the standard fresh feel of clean hair. The second goal should be easily achievable, right? Well, not always. Depending on a few variables like genetics, hygiene and lifestyle, you may be left struggling with sweaty strands. So if you’ve been wondering, “why is my hair so oily?”, it’s time you learned the reasons behind your dilemma.  

Why is my hair oily?


Although we believe in taking responsibility for your own fails, there are some things (in the hair department) you can’t control. Genetically speaking, when it comes to greasy hair, you’re not the one to blame. Instead, you can thank mom and dad for your sweaty swagger, and by extension, your oily hair.


As a wise hair master once said, “a shower a day, keeps the oil away.”

Everyday, you should be cleansing your scalp with water to remove excess sebum, while only using shampoo 2-3 times per week.

If you use shampoo more frequently, you can actually cause more oiliness. Although this rule seems counter-intuitive, if you keep shampooing your hair, you’ll dry out your scalp, leading to more sebum build-up and oily hair.


The way you live is inevitably linked to your hair’s oiliness. For instance, if you’re a sports-playing fanatic, adrenaline junkie or bonafide gym rat, it’s quite likely your hair will collect more sweat than the average joe.

For this reason, you might need to consider squeezing in an extra shower— you know, that way you’re not left questioning why your hair is so oily.

Oh, and spending the day in a toque or baseball cap will increase oil too— fashion favorite or fail? You decide…

How to make your hair less oily

Managing oily hair is easy with the right routine and product. We’ve already addressed the factor of washing frequency, but there’s also the issue of your shampoo type.

Most standard shampoos, the ones filled with all those gibberish-sounding chemicals, tend to cleanse your hair aggressively. These versions are often too intense for sensitive-skinned folks, causing your scalp to dry out and produce more sebum. Alternatively, a natural hair soap, made with botanical oils, can wash your hair soothingly so your hair maintains the perfect moisture balance.

Stay groomed and glorious, guys!

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