Should I Buy a Leather Jacket?

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A man’s leather jacket is one of those classic staples you need. Not only does it step up your stud status, but its rugged texture and timelessness makes it a favorite among fashion icons and celebs alike. From rustic brown styles to biker versions, the leather jacket can meet all tastes. So if you’ve been checking out some hot styles, flirting with the prospect of taking one home, you can now make a move. Here’s why you should buy a leather jacket.

A great investment

A leather jacket is an investment-- in your style, individuality, status-- basically, your image. These jackets are pricey, yes, but leather is a durable, long-lasting material that you’ll have for years. Needless to say, it’s money well-spent.

What’s more, leather jackets are incredibly versatile and multi-seasonal. Choose one with lightweight leather for the warmer months and a thicker, heavier style for fall and winter. Simply put, the leather jacket will loyally remain your go-to.


leather jacket

Two words: identity shaper. Your leather jacket is a representation of you. If you like the edgy look, go for a biker jacket, decked out with all the silver bells and whistles, or if you prefer a more traditional design, the bomber jacket is your calling.

But if you’ve got a taste for high fashion, you might consider something more exotic like a crocodile skin jacket or a slick one with alligator trimmings. And for the sporty dressers out there, an aviator leather jacket with a shearling collar is ideal, paying tribute to the iconic G-1 look.  The sky’s the limit with options.


Leather jackets will forever be trendy. If awesomeness was a uniform, this would be it.

From 1920’s racer styles to wild futuristic designs, the leather jacket never ceases to stand as a trademark in men’s fashion. It’s truly timeless.

If you like vintage, go for versions that are waxed and treated to create that rough, worn-in effect. It creates that hyper-masculine wilderness theme. So as you can see, leather jackets, like wine, only get better with age.

Ultimately, the decision to buy a leather jacket should never be a question.

Stay groomed and glorious, gents!

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