How to dress for a video interview

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FaceTime with the bossman needs you camera-ready. But unlike a traditional interview, you’ll be sitting in the hot seat at home, a comfort zone where you’re usually shirtless or rocking the good old birthday suit. Obviously, this suit won’t do, but then again, neither will an office suit. So then how do we dress for a video interview? The answer is simple: dress like it’s casual Friday. This way, you can look both professional and laidback. Here’s how to ace it based on the type of job you’re hunting.

Major corporate job

video interview blue collared shirt

First impressions should be as crisp as your video presence-- only HD, boys.

Be smart and go with something classic: a fine sweater or a cardigan layered over a crew-neck shirt. If layering isn’t your thing, you can just don your office shirt with the sleeves rolled and the top button undone.

Make sure you’re freshly shaved and groomed.

A creative gig

video interview dress shirt

For the working world of hipsterville, you need to play the part. The logic here is that if you don’t look creative, you’re not creative.

So for those trendy masterminds interviewing for gigs like a graphic designer at Google or a marketer for Uber, you’ll want to exude cool style. Go for a long sleeve henley, a black v-neck or a funky patterned shirt that’s fitted and layered with a simple cardigan to add a little more seriousness.

Finish with some leather or hemp bracelets and a fresh new haircut from the best stylist in town.


Office work

cool shirt black and white

Don’t dress like another robot in the cubicle. Take the liberty of standing out a little, while still staying on the safe side. A plain or patterned sweater will do or alternatively, a standard white collared shirt, minus the first button.

You may rock a mini beard, but keep it extremely neat.

Service sector

black shirt

Simplicity is key. The job is standard and safe, so your attire for the video interview should suggest the same. Basically, you should appear mature and reliable, best implied by a simple long sleeve round-neck shirt. Colorwise, go for black, charcoal or white—-anything else will say you’re slacking.

Now that you're an expert on how to dress for an video interview, you can posture in front of your computer screen with confidence. Good luck and as a final tip, don’t forget to practice preaching your strengths and weaknesses (interview skills 101, lads.)

Stay groomed and glorious, guys!

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