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Comfort or fashion? Should it ever be a toss-up? For the flat-footed gent, it may just be. With those tired, swollen heels, the choice between style and cushioning is always a dilemma—a tougher one if you’re a serious fashionister. Well you can ditch the negotiations. If you’re patient, you’ll find footwear that’s both cool and cozy, and most importantly, doesn’t resemble grandpa’s nursing home slippers. Keep an eye out for these shoes for flat feet.


Stability runners

Stability is everything we need in life. Start with getting grounded on your two feet: it’s all about stability runners! With this design, a pillowy cushion is inserted right below the medial side arch for support. You’ll get an easier range of motion and less pain (meaning, less begging for foot massages) after work.


Cushioned loafers

We all love a good loafer.  Elegant yet simple, it’s got that easy-going sophistication every man deserves. Whether it’s for the office, a casual walkabout or even a lunch date, loafers are a reliable go-to. Yet, when it comes to flat feet, loafers must have a built-in cushion. This support system protects your feet from aches and pains, so you can rock this classic fashion staple.


Fancy yet comfy

Low arch leather lace-ups

No more under-dressing your potential! Keep your flat feet well-attired with leather lace-up shoes— the kind featuring a low arch. They’re designed with a flexible sole that’s plush and durable for long-wearing strength. You’ll be treating your footsies to the finest without having to inhibit your style sense. Apparently you can have it all.

Cushions oxfords

Dancing and cocktails? No problem! Grab a Manhattan and find your ballroom rhythm in cushioned oxfords. Comfort and class are seamlessly combined with its specialized low arch, making each step feel more effortless. You’ll feel lighter on your feet, so you can exude that Fred Astaire charm and hopefully, paint the town red.



beard balm with shoes

Heading outside? A good beard balm will keep your beard hydrated in all seasons. Browse our collection here.



From poolside toils to backyard parties, crocs keep you relaxed by the pool. The rubber is slip-resistant and the soles are slightly curved to support your tootsies in my weather. In terms of style, the croc’s original versions aren’t quite the coolest babies on deck, so scope out the newer versions with slick, sporty designs. They’re much more impressive.

Don’t let your awkward feet leave you shoe-deprived and style-starved. With these awesome selections, you’ll never be limited in footwear. Find a pair for every occasion to create a wardrobe of shoes for flat feet.

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