Do You Need To Wear a Suit to a Wedding?

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A wedding doesn’t always call for your formal finest. Sometimes, it’s refreshing and appropriate to tune down the extravagance of a suit with basic evening wear. But when do you make this call? The decision comes down to three main factors: context, venue and your role at the wedding. Because obviously, witnessing a random ring swap in Vegas doesn’t demand a made-to-measure Brioni suit. Fair? Now let’s review these conditions so you’re never left wondering if you need a suit for a wedding.

Are you a groomsmen?

As a groomsmen, you’re part of the wedding’s centerpiece. Many eyes will be on you, making you a representative of the event’s status. That being said, if you’re a groomsmen, a suit is usually in order-- unless the groom tells you otherwise.

groomsman suit

If you aren’t a groomsmen, your dress code gets more wiggle room. Since you’re not representing the wedding party, you don’t have the same level of responsibility to look upscale. Unless, however, the wedding is being held at a luxurious banquet hall, and in this case, it’s befitting that your dress matches the caliber of the venue. Yet, there are some exceptions...

Beach wedding

Sand and sun do not call for a suit. As a guest, you’re invited to celebrate in comfort, giving you more flexibility with your dress code. For the beach wedding, you can wear a linen button-up shirt with sand-colored slacks and leather flip flops. And finally, a little extra product in your hair doesn’t hurt, so those tropical winds don’t deshevel your look.

beach guy

Casual outdoor venue

For the casual outdoors, the attire is laidback and gentlemanly. Naturally, you don’t need a wear suit for this type of wedding. Whether it’s a small backyard ceremony or modest lakeside festivity, you can easily ditch the suit. Or if you’re feeling old-school, rock the suspenders and nautical-colored pants for a vintage dandy vibe-- ideal for this casual outdoor setting.

City Hall

With the privacy of a wedding at City Hall, there’s few to impress. So here, you don’t need to wear a suit, unless the groom made other specifications. Just make sure your shirt is freshly steamed with zero wrinkles. You’ll also want to stand up straight, be a good wingman and in the worst case scenario, be prepared to manage cold feet with a Coach Carter type motivational speech.

Shaving for the Big Day?

Shaving brush

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