What Should I Wear On A Boat?

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Whether you’re a jet-setting couple or a single at sea, you need the right attire for your boating experience. So when you’re sipping on those spritzers (or straight-up vodka, whatever floats), you’ll be feeling true luxury. It’s all about lightweight threads that focus on both fashion and comfort. Ready to make some waves? Use this guide to help you decide what to wear on a boat.


Formal Yacht Soiree

When attending upscale yacht parties, your style should be both clean-cut and sophisticated. Go for a navy linen shirt with a spread or button-down collar. Match the top with white linen pants or dress shorts, secured by your finest brown leather belt. Footwear should be boat shoes in either a nautical color or earth tone for a natural finish. Savoring sunset cocktails will never feel more princely.

Casual Sailing

Casual cruising calls for pastels. A pink, mint, or sand linen shirt is ideal, especially with a loose collar. You also can't go wrong with a classic white polo. If it’s chilly, throw on a light neck scarf. For your bottoms, shorts are a must, along with a canvas belt in white, navy or brown. As the final touch, a classic Panama hat completes the look.

boat clothing

Baby Blues

Never underestimate the appeal of good old baby blue. Classically charming, this color brings out your tan, while also giving you an overall fresh vibe.  

You can rock this color with a classic button-up shirt with slim-fit pants or shorts, but again, let’s stress the importance of linen. Super absorbent and lightweight, it’ll keep you feeling clean for your boating day trip. Top it off with a twill fisherman’s hat and you’re golden (hopefully not red… SPF, lads!).

From snazzy yacht soirees to simple sailboats, follow these tips so you’re never the odd one on deck, wondering “what should I wear on a boat?”.  You’ll get that ocean view, looking like a triton. Bon Voyage!


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