How to Blowdry Your Hair (for guys)

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A good blow-dry is a game-changer for your hair. Taking that fuzzy mop of yours from lazy bedhead to fresh-from-the-salon luxury, your blow-drying skills make all the difference. Want to learn this art, young grasshopper? You’ll need three things: a round brush, blow dryer and some product. Listen and learn.

Safety first!


The first rule of hair styling is to always towel dry your hair before applying heat. Otherwise, if you blow-dry soaking wet hair, not only will it take longer, but all that prolonged electrical heat will damage your ends.

The idea is to dry your hair enough at the beginning to minimize the amount of blow-dry time needed. By absorbing the excess water first, your hair will only be slightly damp and easier to style.

Multi tasking action

Good news for handy multitaskers (literally)-- the better you are at coordinating the brush and dryer, the more amazing the big finish will be! But in this case, you don’t need to worry about anyone walking in on you.

For the best results, you’ll want to use a round bristle brush with a small barrel size. Taking a small section of your hair at the roots, you’ll twirl the brush upward and back as you pull through. Meanwhile, with the other hand, you’ll hold the blow-dryer nozzle parallel to your hair-- not directly over it.

This technique prevents full-on heat from blasting your hair and causing split ends. You’ll be left with a shinier look that’s tame and frizz-free.

Slower is better

If you’re the impatient type, tough luck. You cannot rush or outwit the blow-drying process. Some guys try to save time by collecting as much hair as possible on the brush, but unwittingly, they just drag out the process even more. Since the heat can’t evenly smooth a huge section of hair, you’ll have to re-do all those sections anyways-- not time-smart! So make sure you’re only grabbing small sections of hair at once.

The grand finale

When you’re done with the blow-dry, you’ll lock down your style. To keep it all in-place, you’ll apply some product to the ends, preventing any loose flyaways that’ll ruin your look.

We tend to go for a pomade. It’s lightweight and versatile, letting you create all different effects by switching up the amount you use. You can play with all sorts of textures, from free-flowing and stylishly messy to a heavier, neat-and-polished look. The outcome is completely up to you; the pomade keeps you in-control.

pomade look

A high-quality, water-based Pomade is the perfect hair-styling product to use after blow-drying your hair because it adds volume and control.

pomade largedivider

Blow-drying your hair, as a guy, takes some practice. Like any new skill, you’ll need focus, patience and in this case, a whole lot of wrist action. Soon you’ll see that great hair doesn’t just dry itself naturally; you need to hone your blow-dry talent to achieve those touchable tresses.

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