Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Guys

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Secretly, most men love Valentine’s Day. Any sour skeptics out there are just embittered by the stereotype the V Day is just for the ladies— it’s certainly not. In fact, men enjoy being romanced and spoiled just as much as you ladies. So this year, make V Day special for your man. Although he won’t swoon over roses and chocolates, he’ll certainly appreciate a gift that’s practical and necessary— like grooming products!  So to make your gift search easier, here are some cool gift ideas he’ll love for Valentine’s Day.

Sandalwood Shaving Survival Kit

Smelling like a he-man takes work-- so does smooth skin. Help your guy experience the brighter side of men’s skin care with the Sandalwood Shaving Survival Kit. This gift set features our signature pre-shave oil, shaving cream and aftershave for a smooth and comfortable shave. 

Shaving can be a harsh B (burden). The Pre-shave Oil hydrates his skin to prevent razor burn, using the natural moisture of jojoba and grapeseed oil, along with the soothing magic of Cannibus Sativa (hemp seed). Next, the Sandalwood shaving cream uses coconut oil to calm and nourish his skin while shaving. Finally, the Aftershave oil, the last step, helps recover his skin from the razor friction, keeping his face soft and smelling fresh.

Ultimate Skin Care Survival Kit

Show him the simpler side of skin care with the
Ultimate Skincare Kit. This bundle of natural goodness comes with a hydrating face wash, a damage-defense moisturizer and a 100% natural soap set. With this powerful protection system, his skin can stay healthy, no matter what environmental stressors he faces. Through windstorms, sub-zero temperatures or scorching heat, and even your silly battles, his face will be protected from breakouts, redness and irritation.

What better way to pamper your guy for Valentine’s Day? This grooming gift takes all the guesswork out of skin care, providing an easy yet effective routine for morning and night. And if your guy, like most men, prefer straightforward, hassle-free solutions, he’ll go nuts for this Valentine’s Gift.

Plus, as a unique feature, the kit’s premium soaps have FIVE multi-purpose uses! Its suds double as a face and body wash, while tripling as a shampoo, conditioner and hand soap. Offering a rich, foamy lather and a woodsy scent, his skin will be left feeling clean and healthy.

Beard Care Survival Kit- Comb & Balms

If you’re a zoo keeper to a bearded man, you’ll understand his high-maintenance needs. To keep his wild beard under control, the Beard Care Survival Kit  has all the vital products he requires: two scented beard balms (Cedarwood and Sandalwood) as well as a pearwood beard comb.

A favorite among every grizzly-grower, the moisturizing balms keep his hairs tame and smooth. Using all-natural hydrators, like grapeseed oil and Shea butter, he can maintain the quality and shape of his hairy pride-and-joy. What’s more, the pearwood comb is unique from plastic versions because they avoid static, frizz and tugging.

With fewer tangles and a pure, earthy scent, his facial hair can stay neat and controlled. Basically, you’ll ensure his beard becomes a makeout-proof masterpiece.

  • Beard Balm & Oil Survival Kit

  • Does your guy have sensitive skin? When he neglects his beard care, his skin can get dry and irritated, leaving him scratching his face like an annoyed primate. Save him from this dreaded caveman territory with the right grooming essentials: the Cedarwood beard balm and oil survival kit— the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him.

    Using natural ingredients, this beard-saving pack  will hydrate and protect his facial hair assets. The balm is made with Jojoba oil, beeswax & coconut oil, which adds moisture and shape for his beard. Then, best of all, the cedarwood oil, with its natural antiseptic properties, helps to freshen up his sweaty, odor-trap of hair. How romantic!

  • A Digital Gift Card

  • If you’re indecisive, let your man make the choice! A digital grooming gift card lets him build his own stash of care products. It’s a great gift idea for the stubborn, choosy type who’s already territorial about his face and hair. Perhaps he wouldn’t want his woman selecting his personal goodies— even if you know best!

    This way, the digital gift card grants him the freedom to customize his own grooming and skincare routine.


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