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Digital Makeover: Game Day Edition

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At Rocky Mountain Barber Company we know grooming goes beyond hair and that it's all about the complete package - which is why we cover grooming topics from head to toe.


In celebration of Sunday's big game, we decided to give some of the biggest stars from each team digital makeovers to see what they'd look like if they wanted a fresh look heading into the game.

Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots


Photo credit: @gronk


At 6'6", 268 lbs, Gronk towers above the competition. A Pompadour is the perfect hairstyle to match the tight end's large frame.

Todd Gurley, Los Angeles Rams 


Photo credit: @tg4hunnid


Boss mode: activated. Nothing asserts dominance and confidence like a shaved-head, which Gurley rocks perfectly. 

Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams, Head Coach


photo credit: @seanmcvay


Cowabunga dude! With long flowing hair, the LA coach and youngest in league history looks ready to hit the waves in the off-season.

Tom Brady, New England Patriots, Quarterback


Photo credit: @tombrady


Just how does the winningest quarterback in football history and husband of supermodel Gisele step up his style game? With a full-blown mustache of course. 

Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams, Quarterback


photo credit: @jaredgoff


Only 24 years old, Goff has already been selected to two Pro Bowls. Turning a 5 o'clock shadow into a 5 day stubble helps Goff look more mature for his age.

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