5 Moments When Having A Hair Comb On You Is A Must

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First impressions are everything. Still not convinced? Consider this:

  • According to a new study, women decide whether they’re interested in a guy less than two minutes into the date
  • Employers make decisions about job applicants in under seven minutes
  • Attractive workers earn an average of roughly five percent more, while unattractive employees can miss out on up to almost nine percent
  • 76% of senior executives said good grooming habits—such as manicured facial hair—is a professional’s most important physical asset

How you look says a lot about you. Don’t let unkempt hair send the wrong vibe. Here are 5 moments when having a hair comb on you is a must:

  1. On A Date – Messy hair is a sign of poor hygiene, right up there with ditching the bill and lying about your age on the list of first-date faux-paus. Keep a comb discreetly in your pocket, and take care of business when your date’s in the washroom.
  2. After The Gym – Ever looked in the mirror after an hour of cardio? What about after wearing a hoody or beanie? Don’t be known in the gym as the guy with messy mop. Keep a comb in your gym bag for quick and easy post-cardio styling.
  3. On Picture Day – There are many ways to be remembered in your yearbook. The ladies man. The class-clown. Don’t be known as the guy with a two-inch cow-lick. Keep a comb in your locker or backpack for a quick-touch up before you make history.
  4. License Renewal – Your license photo is something you’ll see every time you flash your ID. Tidy up in your car right before your photo, and stash the comb in your glove compartment. Yes, technically, a red light means stop. It’s also the perfect opportunity to fix some misplaced hairs, especially if the top’s down.
  5. On Your Wedding Day – The fact that everyone will be looking at your bride shouldn’t stop you from looking good. Be prepared for the big day. Keep a comb in your front pocket and tidy up when no one is looking.  
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