Should You Comb Your Hair In Public?

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We’ve all been there. Maybe you’re on a date. Maybe you’re out with friends. You catch your reflection and notice your hair is out of place. What do you do?

Short or messy hair is easy to fix with your fingers, but complex hairstyles like side-parts and slick-backs require fine-tuning.

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Only a short time ago, guys didn’t really have this problem. On-go-the grooming was commonplace in the 1950s thanks to celebrities like Elvis Presley and James Dean who rocked hairstyles that required constant maintenance. In the 1960s, different hairstyles like crew cuts and afros become more popular, longer hairstyles died out and as a result, guys traded their pocket-combs for picks (okay, a few girls did too). 

The history of combing your hair in public goes back even further than that. Hundreds of years ago, people were less hygienic and used combs as personal hygiene devices as opposed to styling devices. People had legitimate concerns like head lice, dirt and dead hair making already unsanitary working and living conditions even worse. Hence, the old stigma that it is not polite to comb your hair in public was born.

For guys with Pomps, Slick Backs and Side Parts that require on-the-go maintenance, here are a few pro-tips for combing your hair in public:

  • Use common sense and respect people’s personal spaces. Avoid combing in crowded spaces like a subway, or in areas where food is served like cafeterias and restaurants.
  • If you can’t find a bathroom, use your cellphone camera or the mirror in your car.
  • Keep a comb in your pocket, backpack, gym bag, car or office for constant on-the-go maintenance.

In a world where 93 million selfies are taken every day, carrying a comb on you at all times is needed now more than ever. 

Tell us what you think. Are you cool with people combing their hair in public? Or do you find it offensive?

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