What Should I Wear On My First Day of College?

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Ah, College! A holy rite of passage, a chance to stretch our young minds in the subjects of mixology and sure, academics too. But of all the lessons to be learned, dear lads, the big one is style. The stakes are higher and so, what you wear on your first day of college matters. Here are some styling tips to make sure you nail it!

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Acceptable shirts

The number one rule for shirts is finding a good fit. Just because you got your brother’s hand-me-down Dolce shirt, doesn’t meant squat if it’s three sizes too big.

For the basic dressers, plain henleys or v-neck shirts in white, grey or black are safe bets. If you prefer a more upscale look, you can wear a popover sport shirt or a woven button-up with a casually loose collar-- a stiff, pointed collar is way too much. Printed shirts are also fine, but nothing too wild or annoying; keep it subtle with prints like pastel flowers, mini flamingos or polka dots.

guy with v-neck shirt

Stay away from plaid, at least for the first day of college, to avoid being labelled as the token country bumpkin. Same goes for band shirts-- no special reason other than having some self-respect.

Awesome pants

Show you can wear your big boy pants. No track pants or lazy-day sweats, the first day of college demands you wear better.

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Cropped trousers with a drawstring is always worthy of applause. Fitted at the waist with a hint of ankle showing, they look cool without trying too hard. Jeans also get a thumbs-up, but nothing covered in holes; a little distressed is fine, but looking like a rabid zombie ransacked your denim is not first-day material.guy with jeans

Climate also matters. If it’s warm, you can wear denim or woven shorts. Top it off with a belt to keep the outfit mature in case you’re giving off that boyish beach vibe.


Loafers are classically cool. Leather or canvas, plain or colored, they should be your cozy staple. If you prefer something more rugged, Chelsea boots, Brogues or Chukkas can be valuable members of your footwear rolodex.

That said, never sacrifice your own comfort for style. If you're walking, skateboarding or biking to school, consider sneakers to make your commute as comfortable and easy as possible.

guy with skateboard

Socks are a must. Assuming mommy dearest isn’t around, be a good lad and buy them yourself. Make sure to get those low cut socks if you’re wearing loafers, so you can still show your ankle.

Jackets for winners

Jackets help you personalize your style.

If you’re more clean-cut, a linen cardigan can be draped over your outfit for a polished finish. Trendier guys may prefer sporty styles with pops of color, or sleek leather jackets for that uptown GQ image. Or for those with timeless taste, you’ll love a vintage jean jacket or an old, rustic leather bomber with a faded, worn-in effect.


Follow these styling cues to plan what you’ll wear on the first day of college. Still, looking great is just half the battle. Other college tips include the following: always swipe right, do laundry and from time to time, don’t forget to call those kind folks back home who gave you birth and are sad AF you’re gone! 

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