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We believe you should be rewarded for your loyalty. It's why we let you choose free product samples with every item ordered.

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Find new favorites and test new scents every time you order. No matter your style there's something for you.

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Our samples are miniature versions of our full size products and contain the same great ingredients.

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Discover unique items to pair with our products and enhance your grooming experience.

Customer Testimonials

"I was looking for a new skin care routine and was thrilled to try the face wash and moisturizer samples. The face wash's soft lather combined with the moisturizer's lightness is exactly what my skin needed."

Joe D.  -  Austin, TX

"I love bringing samples of the Cedar Spice body wash to the gym with me. Not only does it smell amazing, but they fit perfectly in my gym bag and are contain exactly the amount I use in the shower."

Darryl S.  - Columbus, OH

"As someone who has a coarse beard but is sensitive to certain smells, I love being to able to try different beard balms and oils every time I place an order."

Oliver E.  -  Albany, NY

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