What is Pomade and Why Do I Need It?

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Hair texture is just as important as its style. We all desire that effortlessly touchable he-man hair-- the kind that feels firm enough to hold its shape, yet flexible and free-flowing enough to suggest we don’t even try. In other words, it’s our inner mountain lion--all natural and glorious. When it comes to achieving this masterpiece, we look to a particular type of product to master these goals: pomade. If you’re a styling newbie who’s still wondering, “what is pomade and why do I need it?”, here are some enlightening facts of the trade.


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 What is pomade?

Pomade is an ideal option for virtually all hair types and styles. With its lightweight and versatile quality, you can create all different effects by switching up the amount you use.



Since pomade creates body and structure, you can sway and swivel your hair into all kinds of looks, ranging from a stylishly messy finish to a neat-and-tidy work of art. The outcome is completely up to you; you’re the artist of your hair. It could be grizzly outdoor waves or a slick, princely quaff; pomade is the invincible multi-tasker.

Plus, it’s extremely easy to wash out-- bonus!

Pomade vs. gel

Gel is more known for creating a harder look with a "crunchy" effect, on the other hand, Pomades are water-based and offer flexible texture to create a more authentic feel without the crunchiness of a gel.

So, essentially, your hair still gets the shaping benefits, but it stays more breezy and natural-looking-- not stiff and immovable.

Many guys consider investing in a Barber-grade Pomade which offers a lighter formula, while also preventing scalp dryness and clogged pores. Because let’s be honest, no matter how impressive your hairstyle, there’s few bigger turnoffs than a head full of dandruff.

Why do I need pomade?


Any man who takes pride in his hair needs pomade. Especially since most of today’s hairstyles are designed with a more natural approach to texture, pomade is the only viable solution.

Trying to maintain any of the latest hair trends without pomade keeps your style from reaching the best of its potential. Take this scenario, for example: if you’re a pro climber who’s training to sharpen his skills, would you invest in shoddy gear? No! Because great hair is a skill and you can’t cheap out on your gear (hair products).

Stay groomed and glorious, guys!

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