Best Medium Hairstyles for Men - 2018

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A new season calls for a new you-- or at least, an upgraded version. For all you dashing gents, it’s a warranted occasion to update your hair, tailoring it to a more current look. Why? Because strutting into the office wearing last year’s fauxhawk combover probably won’t stamp you as corporate stud of the month. To stay on top of the styling ranks, here are the best medium hairstyles you should be considering in 2018.

The pompadour


Luscious and touchable, the pompadour is the classic ladykiller hair that basically demands to be grazed.  Yet, when creating this look, remember to use flexible-hold hair products to prevent an overly stiff helmet head.

Although this hairstyle is inspired by Elvis, here in 2018, it’s all about embodying your natural hair texture. For this reason, the pompadour works especially well when your hair is already thick.

Just be cautioned, however— if you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast (a climber or biker), this style may be too high-maintenance for your fast-paced lifestyle.

Textured quaff

Prefer something on the funkier side? For those of you who scoff at the pretty-boy vibe of the pompadour or simply have developed a been-there-done-that feeling, the textured quaff is a modern variation that’s more dynamic.

It also works well to detract attention from your less-favourite features like large ears or nose.

For the sides, you can ask for either a fade or an evenly shaved cut, but no less than to a level 1 if you’re fair-haired – otherwise, it may seem too disjointed.

Fade combover

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Famously donned by celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Cristiano Ronaldo, the fade combover is the currently the hair of winners. It embraces the classy sophistication of the 20’s dandy, yet the fade aspect lends it a more updated touch so it’s not overly lofty.

You get a seamless combination of neatness and modernity -- ideal for any need-to-impress occasion.

Bold undercut

Give your style something unexpected with the bold undercut. It features closely shaved sides and a thick sweep of hair on top. But be sure to keep the sides as a fade; if they’re shaved down to a bald eagle level 0, then topped with a thick mass of hair, it will appear too harsh and uneven. You’re not aiming for “rebel without a cause”; you’re going for dashing gent with an edge.   

Feathered spikes

For something less formal, feathered spikes offer a cool, laidback option. With its dynamic, free-spirited texture,  it confidently says, “I don’t take my hair too seriously, but I know it looks awesome.”

Keep in mind, however, that feathered spikes are a younger look-- so not suitable if you’re over 40. Also, when styling your spikes, make sure to keep the tips soft and wispy, not overly gelled and gooped into an atrocious plastic point-- that would be fine if we were in the 90’s.

Stay groomed and glorious, guys!

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