The Definitive Guide to Shave Clubs in 2019

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Clubs are a classic part of our culture. Fight Club, The Breakfast Club, Dead Poets Society, or even...The Watchers of the Wall— all these cult classics are built on the same basic principle: tradition. So technically, it’s a no-brainer that when it comes to shaving, we have clubs for that too.

Kind of like a support group for shaving, these clubs deliver fresh shaving supplies monthly, quarterly or somewhere in-between, giving you a consistent flow of blades and products. Here are the top shave clubs for 2019.

Dollar Shave Club

As the big player in home-delivered razors, the Dollar Shave Club upholds reliable standards. Started in 2011, this American-based company focuses on simplicity and consistency.

Members start by choosing one of three razor styles: twin blade, 4-blade or 6-blade ($3.50, $6.50 or $9.50). After the first month, replacement razor cartridges are shipped automatically. The shipping frequency is up to you. Depending on your maintenance needs, be it a full beard or slight stubble, you control the delivery schedule.

At any time, you can add other products to your upcoming shipment. From shave butter to after-shave dew, you’ll always keep your bathroom well-stocked. And you can stop your membership whenever--no commitments! It’s a peace of mind and more importantly, there’s no annoying negotiations with Customer Support.


Harry’s shave club is built on a simple premise: “Every man deserves a quality shave at a fair price”. The company was founded by Jeff and Andy, two grooming enthusiasts who wanted to improve the experience of buying razors.

The club features three options: 8 blades, 8 blades plus 1 gel or the family plan (16 blades and 2 gels). The price for each package costs $15, $21 or $35 respectively. You get drugstore-quality blades without the hassle of in-store shopping.

Nobody likes waiting in the aisle for that elusive store associate to unlock the blades from those mini prison cells. God forbid, you try lifting the case yourself and set off the humiliating alarm. It’s as if you’re a criminal trying to steal the Hope Diamond. Needless to say, this whole shopping experience inconvenient and unnatural.

Harry’s shave club cuts out away the nonsense. The membership also comes with a quality guarantee. So if you’re not 100% happy with your order, you get a full refund--no problem.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company

Rocky Mountain Barber keeps things a little more natural. Prioritizing health and organics, this newcomer club has already become a favorite among word-class athletes like Olympic bobsledder, Christopher Spring and famous bodybuilder, Jake Dalton.

Customers receive 4 premium razor blades, 2 product samples of their choice, and a bonus shaving handle with their first order. With 7 sets of premium men's grooming products to choose from, Rocky Mountain Barber's new Shave Club offers unprecedented variety, quality and flexibility.

The shave club features products with all-natural ingredients, pure like the Rockies. The shipments focus on quality over quantity: you get 4 stainless steel, triple blade razors, along with 2 sample-size products of your choosing—all for just $9.99. These razors are made with a lubricating gel strip, pivoting head and anti-clog design. They provide a close, comfortable shave without irritation, making them safe for sensitive skin.

Included in your first box, you get a free heavy alloy razor handle, set with rubber grips. The free samples can be swapped each month, letting you try all the goods. 


As the granddaddy of grooming, Gillette On Demand is an elite shave club. With it’s long-standing history, it’s more on the pricey side. You can choose between three delivery packages: 3 basic blades, 5 anti-friction blades or 5 anti-friction blades from the Pro Glide line. Shipments range from $13, $18 and $20 respectively.

Occasionally, there’s also a limited edition package, featuring the newest razor. Gillette’s razor designs are known for all the extra trimmings. But for the laid-back guy who wants high-quality blades without the frills, you might prefer pledging your loyalties elsewhere.

If you get a membership, Gillette lets you choose between the commitment deal or the one-time option. For those who take the long-term plunge, subscribers get every 4th order free. Although there’s a catch, the freebie helps sweeten the deal.


Nicknamed the Female Dollar Shave Club, Billie puts ladies first. Challenging the marketing ploy of overpriced pink razors for women, Billie offers the same affordable bundles as men’s shave clubs, creating an equal shaving field.  

By rejecting the image of women as goddesses, Billie makes shaving practical. You can still enjoy the perks of those pink razor handles, but without the inflated cost. Each shipment comes with four replacement blades at $9 per delivery. The products are vegan, gluten-free and non GMO.

By putting health before fancy branding, Billie’s shave club provides smooth skin the straightforward way. As a member, you can change your plan at any time. Either increase or decrease the frequency of your deliveries, keeping the process flexible. You can also cancel any time. After all, women might be commitment phobes too.

For any amount of shaving, there’s a shave club meant for you. Whether you prefer luxury razors, vegan products or something in the middle, choose a shave club that’ll fit your lifestyle. You’ll always keep your rotation of blades flowing for a fresh shave every time. But remember, with any club, some are flashier or snobbier than others (mostly price-wise). So be sure to join the shave club that suits your priorities, budget and style.

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