Why You Should Start Using All-Natural Soaps

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Like it or not, you’ll spend roughly 155 days over the course of your life in the shower, which means you'll go through hundreds of bottles and bars of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash and hand soap - that’s a lot of suds!

To prevent your shower from looking like a mini-drug store with all those bottles and bars, we developed our an all-in-one men's soap bar to replace all of those products in one fell-swoop. Our hand-crafted, five-in-one soap is made of 100% natural ingredients, features six essential oils, and is an all in one solution for total hair, face and body care. 

Here are 3 reasons you should start considering using all-natural soaps:

  1. Spend less time in the shower. Time spent in the shower means less time getting things done. Using one product to clean your hair, another to condition it, and another to clean your body is, quite literally, money and time down the drain.

    When you use a separate product for shampoo, conditioner and body wash, you waste all kinds of time and water lathering and rinsing off each product. With a premium all-natural soap, you can simply lather once and apply everywhere.  

    The key to developing a great lather comes down to the quality of the soap you're using and the method you use to create the lather. Most popular hand soaps and body washes on the market create a poor lather because of their ingredients and the fact that there is nothing for the soap to "grab on to" when attempting to develop the lather. Loofah's and body sponges can help with developing a thicker lather, however they can also serve as the perfect home for bacteria and other fungi.  

    Believe it or not, the hair on your head is a natural loofah - and when paired with the right all-natural soap - results in a premium lather that can be used all over. Using your head hair as a natural loofah creates a natural cleaning hierarchy where you start by washing your hair, and using the excess lather you've created, moving on to clean the rest of your face and body. 
  2. Smell amazing. No one has ever said "I love the smell of Ammonium lauryl sulfate" or "Can you believe how good this Ammonium Chloride smells?". Common shampoo ingredients are anything but natural, and their scents are often derived from a concoction of ingredients more likely to be found in a laboratory than in nature.   

    ne of the biggest differences you'll notice when using an all-natural soap, compared to most shampoo and body washes on the market, is smell. The biggest reason for this is that all-natural soaps use, well, natural ingredients. 

    Everyone wants to smell good, but more and more people also want to feel good about the products and ingredients they are using on their bodies. Most natural soaps will get their incredible scents from essential oils. 

    Featuring Sweet Birch, Lime, Cedarwood, Sweet Orange, Patchouli and Cinnamon Leaf essential oils, you'll not only smell great using our all-natural soaps, but you'll also feel great knowing what you're putting on your skin. 
  3. Transparent all-natural soap is, quite simply, the Crème de la Crème of soaps. Unlike typical opaque soaps, transparent soap is made up of a very fine crystal structure that give you a thick, rich, creamy lather like you’ve never experienced before.

    One of the key defining features of typical opaque soaps on the market is that they tend to turn "soft and mushy" as the bar thins out, which results in an even worse lathering experience. Most people with try to combat this by squeezing what's left of their bars into little soap balls or creating "Frankenstein soaps" by grafting all their old soap slivers together into one giant ball of opaque soap madness!

    Transparent all-natural soaps maintain their structural integrity even as they become slivers of soaps. This means they will never turn mushy or dissolve or fall apart on you as you continue using them. 

    One of the other hallmarks of opaque soaps is that they tend to dry out as they thin out. Their best lathers come early on in their life cycle, and as they get older, it becomes harder and harder to get a great lather. Switching to an all-natural transparent soap means you'll never notice a drop in lather capabilities as you continue to use them and your last lather will be just as good as your first.
    Typical opaque soaps will turn mushy after only a few uses
    Source: Tripadvisor

There are many benefits to using all-natural soaps - a better lather, better ingredients, and better scents - but one of the best benefits is that you can feel good knowing you're caring for your hair and body using natural ingredients. Isn't it time you ditched all those bottles and tried something new?

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