How to Prevent Dry Skin in the Winter

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Winter and dry skin have always been the infamous duo. But when we’re fanning through fresh powder and taking in all that pristine icy wilderness, our looks aren’t exactly at the forefront of our thoughts. Still, as any adventurer knows, the winter wreaks havoc on your skin. It can get dry, itchy and for some, even rashy. So if you don’t have a reliable skin routine, it’s better late than never to start showing your skin some love. Let’s look at the four key ways to prevent dry skin when snowboarding, skiing, or venturing outdoors in winter.

Never neglect a good men's moisturizer


All men should moisturize-- no ifs, buts, excuses or eye-rolling. Think about it this way: you’re facing high altitudes, speeding down hills with cold winds whisking against your face, and the real kicker, sub-zero temperatures. To battle these forces, you need moisturizer to prevent dry skin when snowboarding or skiing, or just enjoying some good outdoor fun.

Use a natural hydrating face wash


With the risk of sounding a little pretentious, basic soap is probably not the way to go. Often times these products use low quality ingredients that are found in detergents.

No but actually, trying to solve dry skin with generic soap is about as effective as sealing your cracked board with duct tape and then wondering why the damage still gets worse. How so? Because the ingredients in basic soap are invasive, which interferes with your skin’s protective barrier, sucking away its moisture.

Unlike generic soap, a natural hydration face lotion is made with pure ingredients that gently cleanse and nourish your face. It’s sourced from oil extracts, which match your skin’s composition to hydrate it safely and properly.

Always have lip balm handy

Nobody wants to makeout with sandpaper-mouth guy. Always keep lip balm in your pocket and apply in-between hills to keep your lips smooth through the day. Frequency is also key. The moment you feel a cracked lip coming on, treat it immediately, and don’t be stingy with your application. Your lips need layered protection from those harsh winter elements.

Use hand lotion in the Winter-- yes seriously!

Okay, so we’ve all seen women pull out their fruity-scented lotions and potions, gagging everyone within a one-mile radius. But no, we’re not talking about that. We mean using a basic lotion that you can massage into your hands, mainly your knuckles, to soothe chapped skin. It’ll be a welcomed relief!

Skin dryness is something all adventurers face (literally). And although we’re all loyal to the mantra of “roughing it in the woods”, dealing with dry skin doesn't count! Ultimately, the solution is simple. Just follow these four steps for preventing dry skin when snowboarding, skiing or venturing outdoors in the Winter months!

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