Best Hairstyles for Guys with Big Ears

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A man’s hair is his inner lion, and somehow, intrinsically linked to his confidence. Yet, when you’ve got some insecurity about sizeable ears, it can really put a damper on an otherwise chest-beating type of feel-good day. And in all likelihood, you’re probably just wearing the wrong hairstyle or hair products for your facial features.

Fortunately there's a variety of hairstyles that'll free you from those regrettable days of feeling sorta, well, Hobbit-ish. When you find the ideal one, your facial features will appear more balanced, minimizing your ears completely!  Or alternatively, you can always pull on a toque and channel your inner lumberjack, but in all seriousness, great hairstyling requires commitment-- apologies to any commitment-phobes.

Here's our top tier hairstyles for big ears.

The Quiff


Lots of locks? For naturally full-haired folks, the quiff is the go-to look of the decade and just so happens to be the quintessential hairstyle for guys whose ears stick out. The hair’s fullness and height at the top takes focus away from the middle of your head, bringing more harmony to your face. Just look at celebs like Daniel Craig or Channing Tatum, who neutralize their dumbo status with a freshly swept back cut-- take notes here, boys! 

The Shag


Free and effortless, the shag lets your waves roam gallantly, while also conveniently covering the tops of your ears. You can leave it casually windblown for a laidback feel, but for the office or formal settings, style it into a more controlled shape--because then, you know, you're taken more seriously and all that jazz...

The Side-Part


The side part has a clean-cut and groomed appeal, taking attention off those large lobes. Just make sure to keep the sides a tad longer; a close buzz inadvertently achieves the opposite effect, enhancing your ears. Also, be aware that this hairstyle, being stiff and preppy and all, can exude some lofty vibes, so if you're more of a go-with-the-flow type, this hairdo’s not for you.


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The Man Bun


Often worn by artists, models and hipsters, the man bun is one of those elusive hairstyles filled with mystery and sex appeal-- when worn well, that is. Although it's one of the most popular hairstyles for big ears, it's also one of the trickiest to pull off.  Be sure to keep your hair clean and fresh, making it look delectably touchable, not squeamishly gross.

Anything Textured


The more personality infused into your hair, the less animated your ears look. Follow the philosophy? Okay, so to put more oomph into your locks, you'll need to get layers, giving your hair more texture. This sharp and dynamic cut negates any awkwardness or funniness from your ears.

Feeling inspired yet? Finding the right hairstyle for big ears is the cleverest way to harmonize your face. So the next time that pesky inner voice infiltrates your thoughts, whispering those mood-killing jabs, tell it, “Oh sorry, can't quite hear you-- too busy looking awesome!”

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