Difference Between Beard Brush and Beard Comb

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So, you've narrowed down your choices to either a Beard Brush or Beard Comb - which do you choose and why.
The answer isn't as complicated as it seems. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. In fact, beard brushes and beard combs are more alike than different, because they both help you achieve the same goal: a smooth, well-manicured beard free of tangles.

Let's take a step back and look at some of the more obvious differences between the two. 

Firstly, beard brushes and beard combs are made with different materials. A common material used to make beard brushes is animal hair, such as boar hair or horse hair. These hairs naturally reduce frizz and tangles and redistribute oils throughout your hair evenly. Beard combs, on the other hand, are commonly made of a smooth, natural, hard material, such as pearwood or sandalwood. These woods are durable and have anti-static properties. Sandalwood has a deep, warm, woodsy aroma which makes it perfect for beard combs since the scent can be enjoyed while combing.

A second difference is portability. Beard Combs are thinner than Beard Brushes, which means they are more easily transported. If you are limited for space, and want to ensure your grooming device is able to fit in your pocket or bag, go with a Beard Comb.

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Also, if a carrying case is important to you, a Beard Comb is the better choice. Carrying cases allow you to store your comb in a protective sleeve which protects the teeth from damage and keeps them from getting dirty. 

If you plan on grooming your beard when it is wet, such as after a shower, consider a Beard Comb, as it's designed to work out the knots when your beard is soft. If this is not important to you, and you plan on grooming you beard when it's dry, try a Beard Brush. It will remove dead skin cells and force your beard hairs to lie in a given direction - making styling your beard much easier.

If you want the greatest amount of flexibility, you can use both a Beard Brush and a Beard Comb. A common grooming routine is to use a Beard Comb after showering, allowing the hair to dry, and then using a Beard Brush to work in your preferred beard grooming product, such as beard oil or beard balm.

beard brush

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One of the advantages of a Beard Comb is that some double as a Hair Comb, since it is designed to easily navigate through long, tangled hair. Beard Brushes, on the other hand, may not be best if your hair is very long and you plan to use it when your hair is wet.

Still not sure which one is right for you? Check out the videos below to see them in action and decide for yourself.



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