4 Men's Skin Care Tips for Surviving Winter

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Of all our winter woes, pasty skin ranks pretty high on our list. Not only does mating season enter a dry spell, but so does your skin, plaguing you with a pale, vitamin-deficient complexion. Yup---awful. So when you’re in serious need of a skin (and mood) boost, here’s how to protect your skin in winter.

Swap your synthetic soap for natural soap

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You’ve probably never considered your soap to be a problem. Assuming you’re using the generic variety, you might want to review that ingredient label.

Synthetic soap contains sulfates, parabens and perfumes—a trifecta of toxins— along with a laundry list of other skin-drying chemicals. Ironically, this stuff will do the opposite of protecting your skin for winter. Natural soap, on the other hand, will delicately sanitize your pores without abusing them.

More on Ingredient Stranger Danger...

When you use a harsh antiseptic to bulldoze through bacteria and grease, you’re actually hurting your skin— not just cleaning it. These powerful suds alter your skin’s acidity and protective moisture barrier. This problem is especially damaging during winter, a rough climate where your skin really needs its defensive layers.

So basically, synthetic soap will remove the good stuff along with the bad—quite similar to the way Tylenol works, in fact. You’re taking a shortcut that will “do the job” for that immediate fix, but there are side effects!

Stick to natural soaps

By switching to a natural moisturizing soap, you’re getting all those deep-cleaning benefits without the drawbacks. Instead of harmful additives, you’re using calming botanical oils to gently cleanse and soothe your skin during winter. Smarter move.

Humidify your indoor space


Not only is winter a moisture-sucking leech, so are indoor heating systems. Adding to the dryness of your environment, your skin suffers a double whammy of dehydration: low moisture levels in the air AND electrical heat!

You can protect your skin from this draining environment by investing in a humidifier. The simple science is this: in dry settings, the air draws out water from your skin, leaving it dehydrated. A humidifier will add moisture to your interior space, helping your skin retain its natural oils during winter.

Ultimately, you must improve the air quality in your home in exchange for better skin quality.

Groom like a winner

Beard oil

beard oils

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Beards and stubble need love too! When the pores around your hairs are left unlubricated, your skin must work harder to produce sebum for keeping those hairs nourished and growing.

If you don’t replenish that moisture by applying oil, your face can dry out and get itchy. In turn, you should never leave your facial hair to its own defenses.  Always protect your best asset by applying a natural beard oil to keep your scruff healthy and classy-looking.

After shave balm

Just as importantly, you should be using an after-shave oil.  It’s a must during the winter when shaving your face exposes your skin to rough friction that can cause burning and redness.

By caressing oil onto your face after shaving, it's like giving your skin a sweet cuddle session—a small investment to deal with less hassle later.

Choose an after-shave balm that contains earth-bound ingredients. Simple and pure, the hydrating oils will protect your skin through winter, while the organic antibacterials will ward away any irritants or impurities. And as a bonus, there’s that masculine, forest-fresh scent. It’s as if your face took a vacation in woodsy awesomeness!

Use a natural men’s moisturizer


Moisture is armour for your skin. In the winter, it’ll protect your face against icy wind and sub zero weather to prevent dryness, flaking and irritation. So, however you experience winter, whether it’s weekend snowboarding or hibernating at the cottage with a Baileys hot chocolate, your skin won’t take a hit with the dropping temperatures.

It’s recommended to use a natural moisturizer to achieve the safest and most potent results. Formulas made with fatty essential oils such as jojoba and avocado are the best for achieving soft skin in winter. Gentle yet super hydrating, these dewy ingredients will give you a refreshed glow.

Drink water like it’s running out

Above all else, drinking plenty of water is vital. It refreshes and plumps your skin with moisture, while also aiding in removing your body’s waste, leaving you with a brighter complexion.

Caffeine, on the other hand, dehydrates your skin. When consumed often, it can make your face look tired and pale. And since the winter is a stingy Scrooge for vitamin D, we need all the water possible to avoid looking sick and pasty.

You’ll always know when it’s time to drink up because when you “have to go”, your flow will look, well…neon.

Include all these tips to build a fail-proof winter skin care routine.  And remember, stick to natural men’s products. Beyond any fads, natural treatments and healthy habits will always be the most effective because it’s straight from nature’s goodness.

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