What Should I Wear To The Airport?

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A jetsetting gent deserves to strut into the airport in style. Whether it’s for the 6am early bird or the midnight red eye, there’s no excuse to be slumping around in your PJs. Yet, if planning what to wear on a plane has you stumped, check out these awesome ideas that are perfect for the minimalist traveller.


Crisp and trendy

Comfort meets first class with luxe linen.

Lightweight and soft, linen shirts are great for trekking through those long, congested airport lineups. You’ll be left feeling fresh and clean even after you’ve landed.

Complete the look with beige khakis, chinos or shorts, and finish with loafers. You can also visit the nearby gift shop for funky bracelets if you’ve got extra time to kill.

man wearing stylish clothes in airport

Lazy yet snazzy

It’s easy to look cool and laid-back all at once. Slip on a deep v-neck hoodie— the ideal balance between looking snug and stylish. It’s well-suited to wear on a plane, especially if you prefer travelling in low-maintenance comfort.

Match it with relaxed lounge pants, maybe with a drawstring with cuffed ankles. If it’s chilly, throw on a cardigan in cream, grey or black. For footwear, it’s white converse, runners or low top sneakers.

runners at airport

Rock it like a Celebrity

If you're the kind of guy who boards the plane like you’re stepping into the limelight, take your styling cues from male celebrities trying to remain undercover. Try black pants or joggers with a button-up denim shirt (sleeves rolled) with the hem slightly hanging over the waistband. Mint! On the feet, it’s top-caliber, clean sneakers all the way.

For colder trips, try wearing a coloured cardigan layered over a white tee shirt and slim-fit jeans, finished with suede Chelsea boots. And for the slick touch, a pair of Ray-Bans. It’s casual refinement at its best.

The track pant lover

When your heart’s set on track pants, don’t deny yourself. From sporty styles to warm fleece, just keep it simple for the plane. With their durable and flexible feel, they’ll give you plenty of room to buzz around the airport like a busy bee with your cell phone and gadgets in hand.  

Wear track pants with a plain tee shirt along with a windbreaker jacket, and possibly a cap if it’s a bad hair day— but hopefully you plan better.

When deciding what to wear on a plane, there’s never an excuse to look disheveled and jet lagged. So go ahead and grab a Black Americano before takeoff—you’re ready for paradise.

Dry Skin After A Long Flight?


Airplanes are a reduced oxygen environment with low humidity and can cause you to become dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water and remembering to apply moisturizer prior to and during a flight can prevent dry skin on a long flight.


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