Should I Shave My Head?

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A dashingly bald head is a status symbol. If you’ve ever seen Jason Statham or Vin Diesel strutting around LA with their absurdly hot significant others, you’ll get it. To achieve that smooth, sun-reflecting champion of baldness, you’ll need great technique. You’ll also need the right set of tools and some very good products. So take notes, lads. Here are some things to consider before shaving your head.

You may look more attractive

Some find a bald head sexier than thinning hair. So stop asking yourself, “should I shave my head?” and just make it work. Men who can confidently embrace their baldness are perceived by some to be more attractive than even those oozing with thick flowing hair - just ask Times Magazine.

You’ll seem stronger

Thinning hair may demand action. Instead of seeing your receding hairline as your weakness, make it your strength. Don’t have self-pity for things you can’t control (your genetics) and embrace the look you’re born to rock: a shaved head!

When you convert to the bald side, you’ll appear more authoritative and dominant. A shaved head takes guts, so naturally this look suggests strength. Show you’ve got it.

You’ll look more confident

With the right attitude, a shaved head is an asset. When baldness and confidence are interwoven, you give off an impressive, dashing vibe. But you can only achieve this impression when you’re self-certain about your look. As long as you can rock a bald head with pride and an upscale cologne, then yes, you should shave your head.

Get the right shaving gear

free blades

Our triple blade razors are available as free add-on samples and provide for a close and comfortable shave while helping to reduce irritation. Try pairing with our Sandalwood Shaving Cream, infused with Coconut Oil and Sandalwood Oil, for the perfect shave whether it's for your face or head.

shaving cream


You should only shave your head with premium products. No shortcuts. Otherwise, your scalp will get dry, leaving the skin with bumps, redness and irritation. Nasty. Ever seen those bald guys scratching their heads all the time? Ya, that’s why…

That’s why you must invest in a high quality shaving cream-- one with natural ingredients and moisturizing with botanical oils to give a hydrating lather.  This way, after every shave, you’ll always be left with a nice polished surface.

For any guy debating, “should I shave my head?”, accept it’s worth the hassle. When it comes to thinning hair, take the high road. A man who earns his shiny crown gets treated like a king-- with high-caliber ladies as his loyal followers.

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