Our First 12 Mustache Comb Giveaway Winners Are...

Posted by Rocky Mountain Barber on

If you haven't heard yet, we're giving away 30 Mustache Combs in 30 days! That's right, for every day in November we're giving away a Mustache Comb in celebration of Movember!

Entry is ridiculously simple. Just enter your email here. Each week we will randomly select winners for each day of the previous week. Easy right?
These 6 people entered their emails and now are the lucky winners of a free mustache comb!
Nov 1st - Nov 6th Winners:
Justin Persek
Devon Grandbois
Keith Carlino
Drew Biddles
Kyle Walicki
Nick Novotney
Nov 7th - 13th
William Selwood
Andrew Johnson
Rusty Dailey
Bryan Moran
Tom Mcdade
Hailey Lundborg
If you're name is listed above, we will contact you within 48 hours!
To all other participants, we still have 24 more combs to give away so don't forget to enter your name if you haven't already!



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