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If you’re Harvey Specter, the hotshot lawyer on Suits, your haircut should look as expensive as your paychecks. With his perfectly polished quiff, he struts around like a corporate god-- a style that practically demands having your barber on speed dial. But when you’re not living the million-dollar lifestyle, how often should guys get a haircut? 

For the perfectionist type, the need to maintain a polished style at all times is non-negotiable. Then on the other side of the spectrum, there’s the laid-back guy who prefers an effortless, semi-clean look. And finally, you’ve got the man who lies somewhere in-between. To find out where you stand, we consider three main factors: hair length, style and budget.


Not every haircut requires the same level of maintenance. Obviously if you’re rocking John Snow’s shaggy locks, you don’t need a barber’s intervention until you resemble a homeless wildling. So depending on the length of your hair, you can plan your haircuts accordingly.

For short men's haircuts

We recommend once a month--minimum. But if your hair grows fast and you’re picky about precision, these visits could increase based on your budget and style (which we’ll discuss later).

For short hair, we recommend once a month--minimum.

For medium length haircuts

Guys with medium length should be getting a haircut every 4-6 weeks. This schedule is based on an average level of upkeep. However, this routine can vary based on factors such as hair texture and whether you’ve got a fade-- see the section on style for more details.

Guys with medium length hair should be getting a haircut every 4-6 weeks

Long hair

With volume for days, you’ll need a trim every 4-6 months. The idea is to keep your hair long and healthy, until you reach a tipping point where mama dearest will cringe. 


Every hairstyle demands its own level of maintenance. Based on the complexity of your haircut’s texture, sides and lineup, you can plan your barber visits accordingly. 

Frequent maintenance hair

A fancy haircut must stay up-to-par. Detailed styles with high fades at the sides like a buzz cut, sweep-back or short quiff rely on crisp lines and precise layers. Expect to be getting a haircut every two to four weeks.

Complex hairstyles with fades should never surpass an inch beyond the grow-out stage. Especially for high fades, you need to maintain the contrast between the length at the top and the shortness at the sides. Otherwise, you’ll lose the dimension and sharpness, meaning way less impact. Think of Bradley Cooper and his whole “I’m-too-handsome-to-care vibe”-- not recommended for 97% of the population.

If you’ve got a razor side part, you might be even pickier about touch ups. Unlike traditional parts, the new versions shave a clean into the scalp with a trimmer, creating more emphasis. This line should stay as clear and visible as the lanes on a road. Or else, that cool line will look more like a cool scar. The key is for a razor part to appear intentional, rather than an unfortunate accident.

For any hairstyle that follows such strict rules, you’ll need to get haircuts often. Period.

Medium maintenance hair

When you don’t want to make the barbershop your unofficial mancave, a haircut with less precision is key. Consider haircuts like a loose quiff, curly high-top or textured spikes. These styles have a more flexible grow-out stage, so they still look acceptable after a month or two. 

You can possibly stretch out the lifespan of these haircuts if you’re handy with a blow dryer. Taming outgrown hair with decent styling skills and pomade will add longevity to a haircut that’s grown passed its prime.  

Don Draper’s traditional business cut is a great example of medium maintenance. The sides are left short, old-school style with no fade, while the top has just enough length to comb back. At the neckline, his hair is tapered, allowing the back to grow out naturally. A tapered neckline might be more suitable than a blocked neckline because hardlines at the back need to be touched-up more regularly. 

So take a lesson from Draper: if you’re gunning for an average haircut schedule, don’t get a fade at the sides. Or at most, a low fade might work if your hair grows out slowly.

Low Maintenance Hair

Some men’s hairstyles are naturally awesome. From messy waves to the man bun, you can grow out your mane without much upkeep. Around 2-3 times a year is enough to keep your length in check.

But we’re not just talking about long, shoulder-length hair. Haircuts like a long quiff or a thick brush-up can continue to grow out over months, while requiring increasingly more pomade to keep that gravity-defying style afloat. 

Some versions go for a wild level of volume, swerving up to six inches from the scalp. These long-ish haircuts should be cleaned up every 3-4 months-- unless you’ve got a fade at the sides. In this case, it’s no longer a low maintenance cut. 

Some men’s hairstyles are naturally awesome. From messy waves to the man bun, you can grow out your mane without much upkeep. Around 2-3 times a year is enough to keep your length in check.


Frequent barber visits can stack up the bills. The cost will depend on two factors: your hairstyle’s needs and your hairdresser.  

Big budget haircuts

If you’re seeing a master barber at a top salon, you could be splurging $100 per appointment. Weekly visits for a haircut will rack up a bill of $400 per month.

This option might not be realistic for all, especially if you’re the guy who tracks every hair follicle and would sooner hide under a beanie than expose an imperfect lineup.

Average budget haircuts

Now, let’s talk about budget more practically. Assuming you’re going to an average level barber, you’re looking at around $20-$30 per haircut. For a high-maintenance haircut, you’ll be budgeting $50-$120 per month-- not including tip. Yikes!

If you want to save on cost, consider opting for a hairstyle that can grow out without needing frequent touch-ups. Or you can always try a trainee barber at hair school; this option is the cheapest. But do so at your own peril...

As might be expected, the matter of how often guys should get a haircut is not solvable in one clear-cut answer. Every guy has his own preferences and needs, creating many variables that can affect his haircut schedule. To always keep your hair looking fresh and presentable, plan your cuts effectively. And if you’re ever slacking, never hide your hair under a beanie. You’re better than that.


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