The Definitive Guide to Beard Oil: How to Use It & Why Your Beard Needs It

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How to Use It & Why Your Beard Needs It 

Choosing the right beard oil is often one of the most overlooked considerations both the seasoned and aspiring beard grower makes when growing a beard. This guide will teach you all about beard oil, how to use it and why your beard needs it. 

What is Beard Oil?

Growing a beard is only half the battle - the other half is properly maintaining it.

And this my friend, is where beard oil comes in.

Beard oil has two main functions: 1) to nourish your beard and skin and 2) act as a styling agent for your beard by taming it and adding some shine. Many first time beard growers make the mistake of not using a beard oil, which can result in frizzy looking beards that discourages some (often resulting in premature shaves).

Beard oil has two main components to its formulation: Carrier Oils and Essential Oils. Carrier oils are high quality oils, derived from seeds, vegetables and nuts, that are used to dilute essential oils. They contain all sorts of vitamins and minerals that are said to have therapeutic benefits. Essential Oils on the other hand are where the aromatic qualities of beard oils come from.

 Popular Carrier Oils Popular Essential Oils
Avocado Cedarwood
Almond Chamomile
Apricot Citronella
Coconut Coriander
Grapeseed Eucalyptus
Hemp Seed Ginger
Hazelnut Grapefruit
Jojoba Lavender
Olive Rosemary
Peanut  Rosewood
Pecan Sandalwood
Sunflower Tea Tree


Our Cedarwood Beard Oil contains 9 of the Carrier & Essential Oils listed above


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I Often Hear the Term "Cold-Pressed" Used. What Does it Mean?

Cold-Pressed refers to how to carrier oils are extracted from nuts or seeds. Cold-Pressed is the best way to extract carrier oils as it allows the oils to remain in their most natural state. As its name suggests, cold-pressing means no heat is used when extracting the oil from nuts and seeds. Given that 90 degrees is the temperature threshold for means used to extract oils using cold-pressed methods, anything above that cannot be considered Cold-Pressed.

Typically, the higher the temperature used to extract the oil, the lower the quality of the oil. Solvent & refinement processes add chemicals and use extremely high temperatures or bleaching or freezing methods to remove unwanted colors or odors which completely alter the properties of the oils from their natural state. 

Cold-pressed beard oils are the best type of oils available on the market. When looking for a beard oil to purchase, you should always make sure the oils were extracted using cold-pressed methods. No beard oil should ever use bleaching or freezing methods to remove the oils. 

What's the Best Way to Apply Beard Oil?

You should always shower or wash your face before applying beard oil. 

Washing your face with warm water will help to open your pores and improve the absorption of the oil. It will also assist with making your beard  as "light" as possible before applying oil. No matter how light the oil is, it will always be heavier than water and will naturally add some weight to your beard.  As a result, washing your face will help to ensure your beard is free of any natural oils or dirt and prevent any unnecessary additional weight from being added to your beard. 

After washing, pat drying your face with your favorite towel will help to dry your beard while still maintaining a bit of dampness. Depending on the length of your beard, you may need to let it air dry for a few minutes before applying the oil. 

The next step is to pre-comb your beard to remove any tangles and ensure your beard is prepared to receive the oil. Using a wide tooth comb, like the one shown below, comb your beard until all tangles are removed and your beard hair is evenly distributed. 

Beard_CombGet the Rocky Mountain Beard Comb Here

Now that your beard is prepared, it's time to apply the oil. It's important to note that, depending on the length and density of your beard, you will need to experiment the first few times to determine how many drops you will need for your beard. Always remember that it's better to start with less oil and apply twice if needed, than it is to apply too much the first time. 

The best way to apply the beard oil is to apply it first to your hand, then to your beard. Using the dropper, place 1-2 drops in the middle of your palm then return the dropper to the bottle. 

You need to rub the oil in your hands before applying it your beard to ensure your beard receives adequate coverage. Rub your hands for 1-2 seconds then apply directly to your beard. 

You should spend the next 10-15 seconds really working the oil into your skin and beard. Do not be concerned with trying to style your beard at this point. Focus your attention on applying the beard oil to your entire beard and onto your face. 

Once complete, you can now use your favorite beard comb to disperse the oil more evenly and style your beard. The final result should be a shiny beard that feels light, lies flat and is free of tangles. 

Final Tips

- Make sure you apply beard oil  before using other grooming products such as hair gels or pastes. You don't want these products making their way to your beard and adding weight or ruining the oil distribution. 

- Don't be afraid to experiment. Finding your own routine and what works best for you in your environment can take time. 

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