15,000 People Have Voted for the Best Beard on the Internet

Posted by Rocky Mountain Barber on

What a ride the last week has been! Since launching the #InternetsBestBeard Contest we’ve seen

  • 271 entries
  • 14,985 votes
  • 37,000 visitors

There's Still Time to Vote and to Enter!

With 10 days left in the contest, there's still time to vote and enter for your chance to win the grand prize of $250 spending money on RockyMountainBarber.com.

We've seen a ton of awesome submissions, but remember, the beard with the most votes wins.

Here's some funny ones who have entered that could use a little more love!

Octopus Style Beard Guy

Probably the most creative looking beard so far. Show him some love by voting for him here: 

Perfect Pose Guy

If we ever decide to make a magazine, this guy will be on the front cover. Does it get any better than this? Vote for him here

Deer Hunter Beard Guy

Loving the submissions that incorporate hobbies! Keep up the great beard and have fun out there boss. Vote for him here

American Spirit 

We saw a couple submissions that incorporate the red, white, and blue into their photo, but this guy takes the cake as most patriotic. Vote for him here.

Old Man in the Sea

This fine gentlemen looks like he would captain a mighty ship in the sea. Something about a long white beard and pipe makes him look like a man who has seen some things. Vote for him here

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