You're Not Alone in the Fight Against Patchy Beards

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How to Fix a Patchy Beard

Growing a beard (also known as man’s final form) can be a tricky and often frustrating experience if you aren’t blessed with Zeus-like genetics. You spend your early years idolizing those who have cemented themselves in the beard hall of fame like Jeff Bridges or Hugh Jackman and can only hope you end up with the good fortune of  the rich, full beard they sport on the red carpet.  Then one day you catch a glimpse of your 3 week old beard attempt and you see . . . patches? Who said there would be patches?!

Relax, you’re not alone in your bearded journey. For every James Harden there's a half-dozen Keanu Reeves out there fretting every time they face themselves in the mirror.

If you find yourself on the patchy side of things, don't worry, there's a few tips and tricks you can do before you resort to a beard transplant. While we can't make miracles here at the Rocky Mountain Barber, we'll help you work with what the Beard Gods bestowed upon you. 

Option 1: Brush Your Beard in a Favorable Direction

If you go for the neatly groomed hairstyle look, your head hair requires a brush or comb and to no surprise your beard requires the same tender care. If you find some areas grow better than others, use a beard brush to push those longer hairs in the desired direction to cover those bare spots.

beard brush

A beard brush can train your beard hairs to angle and grow in a preferred direction. 

Option 2: Let it Grow, Let it Grow!

So you've tried Option 1 and your "good" areas aren't quite long enough to reach and cover your "bare" growth areas? No problem, your next line of defense is to grow out your beard longer than you've ever previously tried. Once you get through that 2-3 week awkward growth phase, we promise, it gets easier. A long beard can be shaped and styled to cover the patchy areas, and often the natural curl of your beard will eventually get "bushy" enough to cover those stubborn growth areas.

Tom Hardy grows his beard and out and likely brushes upwards to cover up any signs of patchiness. See how happy he is?

Option 3: Shorten and Tighten Up

So you've tried both methods and you're still not satisfied? Lets go for the respectable short game look. This makes patches look less obvious and more of a personal growth preference. A short beard lets you sculpt the not-so-fruitful areas of your beard without compromising your masculinity.

While David Beckham suffers from a minor case of patchiness, he keeps his beard short and tight to avoid detection.

Option 4: Embrace your Face. Beards Get Better With Age

So you've tried all 3 options and still feel like you're just not hitting the look you want? A Beard is only a part of your style and if you're still under 25 there's a good chance your beard will fill in as you age. Try these other options in the meantime.

-Grow a mustache (rarely are mustaches patchy)

-Try a goatee (usually the easiest areas to grow)

-Grow a soul patch and some chops'


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