5 Things Guys Should Do Every Morning

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Every guy has his own morning routine. Intimate and personal, like the quirky way you inspect yourself in the mirror, your A.M. ritual is a reflection of your personality, but most importantly, it sets the tone for your day. Whether your morning style is rushed and low key or you’re a beast who rises at 6 am to weight-train before work, you’ve got to have your bases covered. No matter how you go through the motions, there are certain steps no successful guy should go without. Here are 5 things guys should do every morning.

Wash that mug

model washing face

Many guys have a devil-may-care attitude toward skincare. One problem: your face is crawling with impurities, even from the moment you wake up. Throughout the night, your skin collects dust, allergens and bacteria-- a batch of grossness that gets mixed up with your sweat and any germs sitting on your pillow. If you don’t wash your pillowcase regularly, assume that it’s coated in micro-creepy-crawlies. 

So truth be told, your face is quite dirty in the morning. And for those lazy few who simply splash water on their face, you need to step up your skincare routine. Water alone is not enough to cleanse away the oil and grime from your face. Those dirty pores and shiny nose problems aren’t going to solve themselves. 

Your go-to face wash should contain natural oils to kill bacteria. These safe formulas containing natural ingredients are designed to rinse away any impurities safely and calmly, without leaving any redness or irritation.

Quick hair styling

After the age of twenty-five, hiding bad hair under a baseball cap is downright embarrassing. You’re better than taking these boyish shortcuts through life. Think of your hair like real estate property; if you don’t maintain the grounds, the value goes down-- and nobody will buy what your selling. Same rules go for the turf on your head. Love it, nurture it, win it.

The rush job

Now, we do understand that mornings are time-sensitive. Most guys don’t have the time or patience to do a full-on wash and blow dry session. That’s fair, but nevertheless, you can still work on some decent hair-revival procedures. 

For example, if you styled with pomade the previous day, you’ll probably wake up with some goop still remaining in your hair. That’s a good starting point for hair styling when you’re not a morning-shower person. The bad news is that your hairs are sprouting akwardly in all directions like the top of a pineapple, or your cowlicks have declared anarchy on your head. It’s time to regain control. 

The medium rush job

When time is limited, run your fingers through your hair to warm up the product from yesterday’s hairstyle. Manipulate the hairs back into place. If your hair is acting extra stubborn, prepare the sink dunk solution. 

Place a towel around your shoulders to keep your shirt dry, place your head in the sink basil, and rinse out any excess pomade from your hair. This quick-fix solution gives you a somewhat fresh starting point for a five-minute blow dry.

pomade and hair comb

Moisturize and protect that face 



Moisturizer isn’t just for ladies or high-maintenance dudes. It’s your daily solution for keeping your face fresh, soft(ish) and healthy-looking.  

Think of moisturizer as a face guard. It creates a barrier between the atmosphere and your face by boosting hydration in the upper layers of your skin. This form of protection helps defend your skin against pollution, allergens and other acne-causing invaders. Meanwhile, moisturizer can also improve your skin quality, using nourishing botanicals and vitamins to brighten and smooth your complexion. 

It’s recommended to use a moisturizer containing natural ingredients for sensitive skin. These natural-based formulas are made with fatty essential oils from coconut and jojoba-- the best ingredients for pampering your skin through any season, every day. 

Deodorize your stink

Your girlfriend might tolerate your familiar funk, but to the rest of the world, it’s gross. That’s why deodorant is non-negotiable for your morning routine. 

However, one issue still remains: standard deodorants contain unhealthy ingredients like aluminum and parabens. Not only are these additives known to cause cancer, but depending on your level of sensitivity, they can play twister with your hormones, creating a stressful chemical imbalance. The solution? A natural deodorant.

They’re designed with safe herbal extracts like rosemary, lemongrass, and tea tree oil to prevent the buildup of BO-causing bacteria. Instead of clogging the pores in your armpits, these natural ingredients help control odor even while you sweat. It’ll also compliment your unique scent by working in harmony with your body chemistry, rather than masking your musk. 

So you’ll be erasing BO, but leaving a tiny trace of your trademark pheromones. Now that’s how a man starts his morning. 

Have a good breakfast 

Just like mama told you, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Have the breakfast of champions by getting a generous dose of protein from sources like yogurt, avocado and nuts. Or if you’re really health-savvy, consider making a kale smoothie every morning. Made with greens, fruits, chia seeds, macca and any other energy-boosting fad food you can find, a smoothie is a genius way to get your fuel pumping in the morning. 

Besides, hearty breakfasts aren’t only good for your health; they keep your looks in check too. So if you want to maintain that young hairline and skin, always start your day with a nutrient-rich meal. 

You don’t have to be an early bird to master these morning must-dos. As long as you stamp these steps into your routine, you’ll always get a fresh start to the day.

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