5 Reasons Your Lips Are Always Dry

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Nobody likes making out with sandpaper. So presumably, you’re aware that victimizing yourself (and others) with those gritty chaps is downright slummy. But what can you do? As the cold weather hits, you might resort to weirdly-obsessive layers of dollar store lip balm, or if you’re simple, some good old-fashioned licking. None of these things help. When all else fails, consider these 5 practical reasons for dry lips.

1.You’re dehydrated


Healthy lips are a sign of a well-hydrated guy. If your lips are dry and chapped, that’s a red alert to drink more water. The average person needs about 8 glasses of water per day—more if you’re a coffee drinker, and even more if you’re an occasional cocktail guzzler.

Otherwise, if you get dehydrated, your skin de-plumps and your lips crack from thirst. So drink plenty of  H2O to keep your lips in good shape.

2. You’re an open-mouth sleeper

open mouth sleeper

Mouth-breathers get dry lips while snoozing. During sleep (with slobber-mouth open), the saliva around your lips and mouth gets evaporated, causing you to wake up with a chapped kisser and potentially, some pasty crust around your mouth.

Keep a humidifier in your bedroom to moisten the air and keep your nostrils clear. When you sleep with clear nasal passages, you’re less likely to be a clumsy mouth-breather. You’re also less likely to wake up beside a puddle of drool and bad breath— a bonus, perhaps?

3. You don’t moisturize

Without a natural moisturizing balm that fully penetrates the skin to soothe your dry lips, your lips will dry out like an old, stale prune. Look for natural lip balms containing ingredients like jojoba oil or grape seed extract. These hydrating oils will repair the cracks in your lips.


A healthy guy has healthy lips. Yet, for gents who are either too lazy or too fancy to properly meal-prep some vitamin-rich dishes, it’s your loss—there’s no shortcuts, boys.

Too many lousy lunches or last-minute Uber deliveries will just dehydrate your body. And when your vitamin levels are low, and sodium levels rise, your body gets malnourished and dehydrated. Inevitably, you’ll be left with dry lips (and a Buddha belly). Eat healthy-- momma knows best.

5. You lick your lips

dry lips

Never lick your dry lips. Here’s a mini science lesson: When you coat your lips in spit slabber, the air attracts that moisture, making it evaporate. Your lips are left dryer and rougher than before.

So each time you lick your lips, the air sucks them dry— and not in the good way. In fact, the only time you should dapple in lip-wetting is when it’s a two-person tango. And in this case,  keep your lip balm handy. Always use protection— for your lips.

Any of these reasons for dry lips might be your culprit. If you’re serious about healing your chapped lips, follow these precautions for your everyday routine. Smooth lips take work.

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