Thirteen Reasons Why Cast...Thirteen Years Later

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#1: Tony trades in his Mustang for a mustache.

#2: Moving into a managerial role at the Crestmont, Clay decides it's time to grow a full beard.


#3: Zach's jump shot only lands him a D3 scholarship & he spends the next 9 years playing professional basketball in Romania.

#4: Jeff would have rocked a full beard like famous Major League pitchers Joba Chamberlain & Brian Wilson. #JeffDeservedBetter

#5 - In an attempt to look more scholarly to improve his chances of winning Valedictorian, Marcus grows a full beard and never looks back.

#6: Unlike Zach, Justin never gets to play basketball professionally and instead opens his own gym.

#7: The cashier eventually put down his phone & stopped selling booze to under-age teenagers to focus on growing his business after buying the convenience store.

#8: Delving even further into the world of poetry, Ryan grows a handlebar mustache & chin puff combo to complete the look. 



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  • when youre a kid and you aint got drugs yet
    you hold onto your life
    you hold onto your little… gonads, and strife.
    gonads and strife
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    Joseph Smith on

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